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Weekly Meeting 6/9/15

We wound up not having a meeting due to Matt's AC being on the fritz.  We're a Georgia-based company, and for those of you not in the know this state is well-known for its hot, humid summers.  No word yet on whether it's been fixed, but if Scott and I haven't heard from Matt in the next day or so we'll send out a search party.

Our search for artists continue.  We're looking for environmental artists, specifically; someone who can put some visual flesh on SubNet's textual bones.  Vast city-scapes, over-the-top fantastic game-worlds, and of course the lion's share of the Quiet with its nature-reclaimed silence.  We're good with words, but we'd love some solid illustrations of our world.

If you're an artist, or know one, please drop us a line!  We're looking for a few good pieces, and are willing to pay.  Furthermore, once our crowdfunding gets underway, we'll be able to commission even more work for the finished book.

Until next week, friends, stick to the dark places.  There's often unpleasant things lurking there, but enlightenment - and war - are best served through unpleasant experiences.


Weekly Meeting 6/2/15

Our meeting last night was another quiet affair - these posts aren't nearly as exciting as they would have been a year ago in the midst of hardcore development.  Oh, you should have seen!  Clone armies of Matts and Scotts clashing as their ideologies were written into the subatomic fabric of local reality.  Philosophical debates that made stars look mayfly in comparison.  And from behind the event horizons of those debates, forged by the weight of argument and the whetted on thought, comes our newborn, blinking in the light of day.

Well, almost.  Soon.  We need to get a proofreader to give the whole master document a once-over.  In the meantime, we're coming up with art ideas (Scott's involves a famous painting of Jesus!  Mine just involves skulls; I'm the boring one.) and business cards.  Business cards are a thing for me; there's something about their construction, the secret language of them, that is a source of mystery and fascination for me.  And, again, since I'm the one writing these I get to prevaricate.

Titles proposed for one another to print on our business cards include:

  • Master Elseworld Cartographer
  • Arbiter of the Old Ways
  • UltraChrome Consultant

Until next week, dear reader, we wish you well!

PS - I also made our Facebook page CONSIDERABLY sexier.  Check it out!

Weekly Meeting 5/26/15

We had a shorter meeting than usual last night, due in part to a census-taker showing up at Matt's house.  His place is our corporate headquarters, and we normally hold meetings there.  His two cats, Jack and Sally, offer tremendous insight into our development process.  Really, they should be full partners.

We've teamed up with a fantastic artist, and have received the first official piece of commissioned SubNet art!  This is a big step for us; most of our investment into the project for the past few years has been time and mental energy.  But now we're actually putting significant money into the thing.  I don't know about my stalwart fellows, but I certainly have butterflies in my stomach.

We've got some homework for the coming week.  We're brainstorming some more art assets, as well as coming up with potentials for a community manager position.  Since I'm the one who makes blog posts, I'm going to cheat; if you're interested in a community manager position with Headcanon Games, please use the Contact page and send us a brief bio and list of qualifications!

Stay tuned, SubNetters.  Phase 2 is very much underway.

Weekly Meeting 5/19/15

Good evening, SubNetters!  This is Nigel.  Scott, Matt and I are hard at work getting some copy together for our very first pieces of commissioned art for SubNet!  We're also building this AMAZING website for you to enjoy!  There's not much here yet, but we're moving into what we're calling Phase 2 of development, which will focus on getting the word out to you, the consumer, and putting the game through a rigorous set of playtests.

Stick around, read up about our game, and let us know what you think.  You can either contact us through the Contact page, or sign up for the Forums.