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Weekly Meeting 5/26/15

We had a shorter meeting than usual last night, due in part to a census-taker showing up at Matt's house.  His place is our corporate headquarters, and we normally hold meetings there.  His two cats, Jack and Sally, offer tremendous insight into our development process.  Really, they should be full partners.

We've teamed up with a fantastic artist, and have received the first official piece of commissioned SubNet art!  This is a big step for us; most of our investment into the project for the past few years has been time and mental energy.  But now we're actually putting significant money into the thing.  I don't know about my stalwart fellows, but I certainly have butterflies in my stomach.

We've got some homework for the coming week.  We're brainstorming some more art assets, as well as coming up with potentials for a community manager position.  Since I'm the one who makes blog posts, I'm going to cheat; if you're interested in a community manager position with Headcanon Games, please use the Contact page and send us a brief bio and list of qualifications!

Stay tuned, SubNetters.  Phase 2 is very much underway.