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Weekly Meeting 6/2/15

Our meeting last night was another quiet affair - these posts aren't nearly as exciting as they would have been a year ago in the midst of hardcore development.  Oh, you should have seen!  Clone armies of Matts and Scotts clashing as their ideologies were written into the subatomic fabric of local reality.  Philosophical debates that made stars look mayfly in comparison.  And from behind the event horizons of those debates, forged by the weight of argument and the whetted on thought, comes our newborn, blinking in the light of day.

Well, almost.  Soon.  We need to get a proofreader to give the whole master document a once-over.  In the meantime, we're coming up with art ideas (Scott's involves a famous painting of Jesus!  Mine just involves skulls; I'm the boring one.) and business cards.  Business cards are a thing for me; there's something about their construction, the secret language of them, that is a source of mystery and fascination for me.  And, again, since I'm the one writing these I get to prevaricate.

Titles proposed for one another to print on our business cards include:

  • Master Elseworld Cartographer
  • Arbiter of the Old Ways
  • UltraChrome Consultant

Until next week, dear reader, we wish you well!

PS - I also made our Facebook page CONSIDERABLY sexier.  Check it out!