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Weekly Meeting 8/18/2016

Holy crap, has it really been that long since we last updated this thing?!  How the time flies!  Our humblest apologies - we've been heads-down and hard at work.  Thanks to our superior charm, wit, and a harrowing dockside dust-up with a pack of scar-encrusted thugs, we've secured slots to demo SubNet at this year's Dragon*Con!  We're still hammering out the details, but we'll have two demos of the game - one on Saturday, the other on Sunday.  And if I'm wrong on those, I'm sure Matt will be messaging me shortly to provide a correction.

The last several meetings have revolved around funding.  HeadCanon Games has been a labor of love for we three over the last several years, and we're asymptotically approaching time for crowd funding.  Funny thing is, to get to a state that we feel comfortable presenting the product, we need some seed money.  We're exploring our options - mostly comparing various small business loan offerings from different banks - and each revenue avenue has its pros and cons.  We want to make sure that whatever option we go with is the best fit for HeadCanon and SubNet.

In more personal news, Scott and I have new jobs!  Schedules are being adjusted (we meet on Thursdays, now - I don't think we've told y'all that) and numbers are being crunched.  The amount of money you need to run a game dev studio that has no offices, equipment, or even employees is surprisingly non-zero, and our day jobs are an important part of our overall funding structure.

But, I'm sure this is boring you all.  The end result of these new jobs and the exploration into loan options is potentially huge.  With funds such as we can secure, we'll be able to pay artists and editors their fees, and actually have a lot more fun visual stuff for y'all to enjoy!  There's a list of artists we're eager to work with, but we don't want to approach them until we're sure we can pay them for their services.  In our dreams, though, we see shining digital cities, bright with false hope.  Stalwart warrior-philosophers clothed in fire, running and fighting and twisting the world just so, grasping a better future with a fingernail hold.

If you happen to be an artist, or know someone who's interested in work, please contact us!  Our list is hardly set in stone, and we're always eager to find new and interesting talent.  Our acquisition efforts for funding are picking up speed, and we anticipate having monies available before the end of the year - maybe as little as a month or two - and as such we'll be looking for artists soon.