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Weekly Meeting 3/22/2016

We meet after a few missed meetings, due mainly to health.  A nasty stomach flu has made the rounds, but luckily we've all weathered the gastrointestinal storm.  We're meeting after giving ourselves some time to work under the kanban work system we brainstormed last meeting.  We talked about politics and video games - the best subjects!

Matt is focusing on his Rule cards, and will be working on Admin stuff soon.  He's also doing taxes for the business.  Yay!  Business!

I need to make flyers to go into stores, and have made some progress on the logos.

Scott has been doing a lot of thinking and brainstorming on his cards, and now finally has a clear runway for work now that his other writing obligations are complete.

We also have our first Patron!  Kaeli Chambers, you are awesome and we appreciate your delicious money!  Kaeli is late-night maven of the awesome CrankyCanuck Twitch stream, which you can find at