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Weekly Meeting 2/24/2016

Holy mole, we had a meeting two weeks in a row!  Yesterday we tried something a little different.  We made use of a system of task breakdown based loosely on the concept of "kanban".  We went over the bits and pieces we still need to create, revise, or expand in our document before we feel comfortable submitting it for copyright, and wrote each individual chunk of effort onto a note card.  We then split up the note cards among ourselves and will use them to track our work.

It's something used in the software development world, and it does wonders to chunk up tasks into manageable parts, so we figured we give it a try.  At the very least, it's helped get our juices flowing again!

Other than that, not much.  A little bird tells me that the next episode of our podcast will drop soon, and that it's gonna be awesome.  Stay tuned for it!