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Weekly Meeting 2/16/2016

Heyo!  Nigel back, as the regular stenographer of our weekly meetings.  We have been having them... mostly... but they haven't been terribly exciting.  What has been exciting is our fantastic playtest AND our badass new podcast, which Matt has been dutifully posting to this and other websites.  And apps.  And whatever else kids these days do.  In my day you downloaded podcasts from someone's website directly and you liked it.

Anyway!  I have been busy doing graphic design stuff, which you've probably seen associated with our podcast.  More elements are on their way, which will transform our humble website into a slightly less humble, hopefully prettier, website.  With a strong branding narrative and dynamic design flexibility.

Our first order of business is to begin serious headway on our writing backlog.  We've got a lot of the game written already, but it's in a lot of different pieces.  But, much like the modern Prometheus, it will be both beautiful and awesome when we are finished with it.  No part of the product is in its final phases by any measure, but the skeleton is there.  We're sculpting and massaging, getting what we have to fit into the lean shape we're hoping to make.  Our design mantra isn't very original, but we feel is a good summary - 'keep it simple, stupid'.

Next week we're going to implement some good old fashioned Japanese business ingenuity, and use a kanban board.  I work in the software design business, and have found it a rich and fertile place for inspiration - not in terms of setting or mechanics, but in terms of organization.  Kanban, simply put, is a way of breaking down a large task into more manageable chunks, along with a mechanism to enable people to own those tasks and report on their status.  It uses notecards!  We'll take some pictures as a treat :)