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Weekly Meeting 8/24/2016

Holy cow, is Nigel not slacking off?!  Another post about meetings?  Well, to be fair I could probably stand to make another Hand Canon post - that was fun to write, and I've been hankering to write more.  And I'm sure y'all would love a bit of variety in these.

Last night's meeting was spent in tri-brain mode, making sure the demo adventure for Dragon*Con we've got planned will knock your collective socks off!  It's got multiple paths!  It's got premade characters!  It's got teddy bears!  We're really looking forward to introducing it to the world :D

In semi-related news - and if you saw our Polyhedron post a few days ago this is a repeat - we'll be having a Meet & Greet at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta on Thursday, September 1st.  The gang, including myself, Matt, Scott, and a few other Polyhedron hosts, will be there starting around 8PM.  Thursday is the day before Dragon*Con truly kicks off, and we'll be preparing ourselves for a grueling 4-day long nerdgasm.

Okay, that sounded better in my head, but you get the idea!

We have two demo SubNet games during Dragon*Con.  One is on Friday, and the other is on Sunday.  Both are in the 1PM - 5PM time slot.  If you want to play, you'll have to reserve a spot at the gaming table and pay a small fee - we'd prefer to have this free, but the Con are the ones charging, not us.  Mercifully, it's only $3.