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Weekly Meeting 9/29/2015

Good evening, fans, friends and family!  Pardon our absence, but September is always a wacky month here in Georgia.  Dragon*Con came and went, which bites hard into free time.  We had a meeting since last time, but I was a lazy bum and didn't post the notes.  Sufficed to say, Dragon*Con was time well spent; Matt and Scott did a lot of recon and pimping for the game.

Tonight, we went over a feedback form the illustrious Michael Goodwin wrote for us.  Our first playtest is about to get off the ground, and this form will be one of the primary vectors we'll use to learn what people think about our little project.  We pride ourselves on our adaptability, and look forward to constructive feedback!

We also discussed art!  I'm in charge of contacting artists, and we've had some luck looking through Fiverr for potential artists.  I'll be reaching out to a few of the artists we feel will work well with our brand.  Brand?  Man, I sound so corporate!  

Our podcast has a name now - Polyhedron!  I have to make some art assets for it, so that'll be fun.  I also need to put some research into desktop publishing software - there's some promising open source options that will be very kind on the corporate bank account.

I also need to get off my lazy duff and work on the copyediting!  Hoping this weekend will give me some of the time I need.  Having a social life is fun, but there's stuff that's gotta be done!