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Weekly Meeting 8/25/15

I have learned something.  A secret that fills me with joy.  Someone reads these posts!  Hi, Susan!  You're awesome!

We spent tonight's meeting working on our Patreon and Podcast ideas.  We brainstormed names, rewards levels, milestones, and other fun stuff.  Still haven't settled on everything yet, but that'll shake out sooner rather than later.  We've got some paperwork to do; all very adult, official crap that Matt will almost certainly take care of.  Matt is a DC fan, so I hope he doesn't mind when I compare him favorably to Superman.  He is awesome.

Not much else to say.  OH!


I REMEMBERED THE WHITEBOARD!  Matt has it now!  I didn't mess up this week!

Matt's planned a super-secret ultra-mega hush-hush event starting tomorrow.  I don't know how public it'll be once it gets off the ground, but it'll be sure to generate plenty of food for thought here at HCG HQ.  Let's just say it involves dice.  And people.  And a table.  And meeting regularly every week or so.

Spoilers he's running a SubNet campaign!  He plans on Tweeting during sessions, so stay tuned to the official Headcanon Games Twitter Feed!