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Weekly Meeting 6/30/15

Have we got a treat for you today, NetHeads!  Is that okay?  Can we call you that?  Headcanon Games is proud to announce that we've been working with Michael A. Goodwin (Nephilpal to all you net-dwellers) on the project.  Michael has agreed to work as a consulting editor on the project, and spent last night dispensing all manner of wisdom.  Seriously, he was a figurative font of wisdom.  It poured from him, like honey.  Dark honey, cultivated from the pollen of nightmare gardens and salted with bitter truths.

Ahem.  The meeting was awesome.

We discussed a ton of different things, including how to proceed with development and crowdfunding plans.  There's a potential overhaul to our Karma/Encounter system that may become a central part of the game.  Or, rather, will greatly reinforce some core concepts in a novel way.  We're excited, and may have more next week.

Until then, NetHeads (seriously, if you can think of a better name, let us know!), take care.  Watch the skies.  You never know when the black stars will appear.